Zamzee Hits the Stage at Health 2.0

November 12, 2010

Wow. The fall conference season was a whirlwind of activity – can you relate? By the time I landed back in the office this month, my coat pockets stuffed with business cards and boarding passes, most of it was a blur. But a highlight for me was presenting Zamzee at the annual Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco, organized by health care  futurists Matthew Holt, Indu Subaiya and team. Matthew and Indu are great folks who consistently bring together a fascinating mix of people who are pushing the envelope of health care and technology. It’s serious work presented with a sense of fun and good humor.

The session I was part of — Behavior Change, Health 2.0 & the Unmentionables — featured work on a wide range of health topics, from unplanned pregnancy to obesity, with commentary from the fabulous Susannah Fox (director at Pew Internet & American Life Project), Thomas Goetz (Wired editor, author of The Decision Tree)and others.  Good stuff, and lots of fun – and most of it caught on tape!

Here’s video of my talk on Zamzee; check the Health 2.0 site for more.