Medicine + Uninhibited Imagination = TEDMED

October 22, 2009

Organizers of the TEDMED 2009 conference are asking, “Can a videogame cure cancer?” And HopeLab’s Steve Cole has been invited to present our insights on that very question. (Sneak peek after the jump!)

If you’re familiar with TED, you might have a sense of what to expect at this spinoff event organized by Marc Hodosh and Richard Saul Wurman. TEDMED adds medicine and healthcare to the mix of technology, entertainment, and design themes of the annual TED conference. Organizers have posed some pretty provocative questions and recruited an incredible lineup of thinkers and doers to help answer them. (Sanjay Gupta, Barton and Dean Kamen, Martha Stewart – my head is spinning!)

Liz and I have been working with HopeLab VP of Research & Development Steve Cole on a talk he’ll deliver that addresses the question “Can a video game cure cancer?” It’s been a great exercise in visual storytelling and a powerful opportunity to reflect on the impact of Pam Omidyar’s vision for Re-Mission and the potential for entertainment technology to motivate positive health behavior and transform the way we think of healthcare. Heady stuff – and lots of fun.

Check out the TEDMED site for details and updates on the conference. And for those attending, Steve’s onstage during the 11am – 1pm session on October 29. See you there!

P.S. Here’s a preview of Steve’s talk!